Carnroe Syndicate General Permit

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Carnroe Syndicate General Permit


Carnroe Syndicate Morning Permit.

This permit is for ADAA club members who want to avail off a morning session on the Carnroe fishing for salmon and trout. ADAA, in conjunction with The Honourable Irish Society at Carnroe have agreed a partnership for the 2019 season.

ADAA have purchase 6 syndicate rods per morning session, our allocated sessions will be on a Tuesday morning and then alternating each week to a Sunday morning over the 24 week season.

There are 6 rods only per morning session. Carnroe operate a rotation system over 3 different sections on their water and the local gillie will advise you once there.

Sessions are from 8am - 2pm.

  1. Every club member is now entitled to 2 sessions per season at the clubs reduced rate of £30 per session. A unique code will be issued once you purchase a permit. Please enter this code when making your booking on the booking page. Permits for this will become available 1 week before the session date. Please note that Carnroe Permits will be issued on a first come, first served bases.

  2. If all 6 rods for any session have not been allocated they will then become available 48 hours before that session for all ADAA general club members who have already used their quota allocations and any ADAA season permit holders . Rods can be purchase at the cost of £45 per session (Normally £80). Club members may also invite up to 2 friends and family to join them if permits become available at this stage. However they MUST be accompanied by an ADAA club member at all times. ADAA Club Guides can also avail off sessions at this stage.

  3. If any rods remain available the club committee reserve the right to issue these sessions to members who contribute to the wealth fair of the club waters. (ie work parties and the like)

  4. Carnroe will help assist you with any queries that arise and will help you follow the rotation on the pools. Fly fishing, spinning and pawning are all available forms of angling at Carnroe.

  5. You must hold a DEARA game rod licence before completing booking as you will have to enter it to make your booking.

  6. Please make yourself aware of the ADAA by laws and rules. Carnroe bylaws and rules are also available on our website. Please respect the Carnroe and act in an appropriate manner at all times. Failure to do so may result in the loose of club membership.

    ADAA Committee

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