Constitution, Rules and Bye Laws

1) NAME:

The name of the Club shall be “Antrim and District Angling Association” and is hereinafter referred to as “The Club”.


The objects of the Club shall be:

a) To watch over and conserve the interests of members of Rod Anglers and to promote their interests and the art of Angling by such means as from time to time may appear expedient.

b) To improve angling in the re-stocking and preservation of waters.

c) To promote the meetings of members and the co-operation, higher standards of sportsmanship and good relations amongst all members and Anglers.

d) To preserve, protect and improve all Angling Waters under the Club’s jurisdiction.

e) To acquire Property (real or personal), including Fishing Rights for its members and ultimately to purchase Club Rooms.


The Club shall consist of a President, Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Competition Secretary and Assistant Competition Secretary and a limited number of members (in accordance with rule 20 hereof) whose names shall be kept by the Hon. Treasurer in a Book of Register, which shall be open for inspection at reasonable times. Each candidate or applicant for admission as a member shall apply to the Hon. Secretary, in writing, on or before the 1st day of January in each year and such application will be considered by the Club Committee on or before the 1st day of January in each year and such application will be considered by the Club Committee on or before the 10th day of March following.
All young people under the age of 18 years may apply for Junior membership of the association. The Hon. Secretary shall notify a successful applicant of his/her selection as aforesaid within one week of the aforesaid Committee meeting and at the same time notify him/her of the amount of entry fee and membership fee payable in accordance with rule 14 hereof. Election to membership shall be deemed to have been effected by the application receiving a simple majority vote (in favour) at the appropriate meeting of Committee considering new applications - and the subsequent payment by the applicant of an entrance fee and membership fee as hereinafter provided by rule 14(b) hereof. Honorary membership may be granted (by the Committee) in accordance with rules 12 and 21 hereof.


The affairs of the Club shall be conducted by a Committee in accordance with the rules of the Club. The Committee shall consist of not more than 17 members and of

Constitution was amended 4th March 2008 the President, Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Competition Secretary and Assistant Competition Secretary and subject to the rules, they shall hold office from the date of the Annual General Meeting. Elected office bearers shall be eligible as members of Committee.


The Hon. Secretary shall record the Minutes of the meetings of the Club in a proper book reserved for that purpose. He/she shall summon, in writing, the members of the Club to all meetings of the Club and the members of Committee to all meetings of the Committee. He/she shall have power to convene a meeting of the Committee when and where he/she considers desirable. He/she shall attend to the correspondence of the Club and shall prepare a Report for the Annual General Meeting and generally act as Secretary of the Club.

In cases of urgency and when time does not permit a meeting of the Committee, the Secretary at his/her discretion, may take the initiative but he/she shall obtain instructions from the Committee as to continuing the steps so taken, at the first possible opportunity.


The Hon. Treasurer shall be under the jurisdiction of the Committee and shall be responsible for the finances of the Club. All income shall and must be lodged by him/her in the Club’s Bank Account, in the name of the Club. All payments must be made by cheque, signed by any 2 from 3 Committee Members acting as signatories, normally Chairperson, Secretary or Treasurer. He/she shall be responsible for the preparation of an Income and Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet by the Club’s Auditors, as at the 30th of November in each year, for production to the Annual General Meeting. He/ she shall be responsible for the keeping of the Register of the members of the Club, and shall generally act as Treasurer of the Club.


The Financial Year of the Club shall end on the 30th day of November in each year; or upon such date as may be decided upon at an Annual General Meeting of the Club.


The Danske Bank Limited or such other bank as the Committee may decide upon, shall be the Bankers of the Club.


Auditors shall be appointed or confirmed for the ensuing year, only at an Annual General Meeting of the Club or by a unanimous decision of the Officers and Committee of the Club, should the need arise.


a) An Annual General Meeting shall be held in the month of January each year, at a date to be fixed by the Committee. Notice of the meeting shall be sent to each member at least 7 days prior to that date of the meeting.

b) The President, Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Hon. Secretary, Hon. Treasurer, Competition Secretary and Assistant Competition Secretary for the ensuing year shall be elected at each Annual General Meeting, as also shall the Committee for the ensuing year.

c) In the case of General and Extraordinary General Meetings which may be held from time to time throughout the year, as and when the Committee shall decide - notice of such meetings shall be sent to each member at least 7 days prior to the date of the meeting.

d) The Quorum for an Annual General, a General or an Extraordinary General Meeting shall be 30 members; who are eligible to vote; and no resolution at any of the aforesaid meetings shall be deemed to be carried unless two-thirds of the votes cast are in favour of such resolution. Elections to Office or Committee shall be decided by a simple majority vote.

e) An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called by the Hon. Secretary within 21 days of the receipt of a notice of motion in writing, signed by at least twelve members of the club, or by six members of the Committee, or of the passing of a resolution to that effect by the Committee at a duly convened meeting, and the business for which an Extraordinary General Meeting is called shall be stated in the notice convening it, and shall be confined thereto. The Hon. Secretary, acting under instruction of the Committee, shall have power to convene a General or an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club at any time.

f) All members who have attained the age of 18 years are eligible to vote.


a) At a General, Annual General, Extraordinary General or Committee meeting in the absence of the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson shall act as Chairperson, and in the absence of both, the members present shall elect a Chairperson for that particular meeting.

b) At all meetings the Chairperson shall have a second or a casting vote.

c) Meetings of Committee shall be held as the need arises, or at the request of any 5 members thereof, or at the request of the Hon. Secretary.

d) The Quorum for a meeting of Committee shall be 7.

e) In summoning a meeting of Committee, the Hon. Secretary shall give 5 days notice thereof to the members concerned.

f) The accidental omission to give notice to any members of member of the Club, or of the Committee, and the non-receipt by any member or members of any such notice, shall not affect the validity of the proceedings of such meeting.

g) At the commencement of every meeting the minutes of the preceding similar meeting shall be read, confirmed and signed by the Chairperson. The Committee shall be empowered to correct any error in such Minutes, and to act in accordance with the Minutes so amended.

h) A Member shall cease to be a member of the Committee if he/she fails to attend three consecutive committee meetings without reasonable excuse.

i) No Member shall take part in any debate or vote on any matter in which that Member has a personal, financial or other significant involvement; and at the start of any proceedings on such a matter, such a Member shall declare the interest and withdraw from the debate or vote.

j) No member may on any pretence or in any manner receive any profit, salary or emoluments from the funds or transactions of the Club, except for professional services rendered at the request of the Committee.


a) The property and management of the Club shall be vested in the Committee jointly who shall have power at any time to call a General or Extraordinary General Meeting; to arbitrate in disputed matters; to appoint Sub-Committees; and to carry on the general business and administration of the Club.

b) The Committee also shall have power to select persons for admission as new members in accordance with these rules; to decide which members (if any) who shall not be liable to pay the membership fee, to select or nominate Honorary members: to authorise the Hon. Secretary to issue complimentary tickets and (at their discretion) to fill any vacancies occurring in their number including Office Bearers between Annual General Meetings.

c) The Committee shall have power to deal with all expenses incurred on behalf of the Club, and to decide how Club funds are to be managed, subject to the approval of the Membership at an Annual General Meeting.

d) The Committee shall have power to deal with any question which may arise and may not be provided for by these rules.


a) All resolutions or notices of motion must be sent to the Hon. Secretary in writing, and will be considered by the Committee before being put on the Agenda for an Annual General Meeting, a General or an Extraordinary General Meeting.

b) All resolutions shall require to be carried by two-thirds majority of the members present.

c) Members shall be notified, in writing, by the Honorary Secretary of the outcome of any proposals tabled at General Meetings, within fourteen days of the date of that Meeting.


a) An annual membership fee shall be decided upon at an Annual General Meeting, shall be payable by all members save and except such persons as the Committee may from time to time exempt from such payment.

b) Any person who the Committee may select to become a new member of the Club under rule 3 hereof, shall pay an entry fee of such amount as may be decided upon at an Annual General Meeting (in addition to the appropriate membership fee.) Such entry fee and appropriate membership fee must be paid by such intending new member within 14 days of the date of the notification of the Hon. Secretary informing him/ her of his/her selection by the Committee as a suitable New member in accordance with rule 3 hereof.

c) Membership fee to be paid upon written notification from the Hon. Secretary between the day of the Annual General Meeting and the last day of February in each year, which shall ensure membership for the incoming season. In any event failure to do so by the last day of February will result in forfeiture of membership. No communication either verbal or written will be entered into after this date i.e. last day of February. It is the duty of all members to ensure that the Hon. Secretary has an accurate address for each member.

d) As the payment of membership fee will entitle a member to enjoy every benefit the Club can impart, so is his/her acquiescence in the rules and bye-laws of the Club hereby distinctly implied.


These rules and bye-laws may be altered only at an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club. A notice of motion, detailing any proposed alterations, must be lodged, in writing, with the Hon. Secretary in accordance with rule 13(a) hereof.


a) Any member may withdraw or resign from the Club at any time on giving notice, in writing, to the Hon. Secretary, provided always that such member shall be liable for his/her membership fee for the current year in which he/she gives notice, and shall have no further claim upon resignation taking place, on any of the property or funds, or interest in, or benefits attached to or belonging to the Club.

b) Any person resigning from a position of Club Office-bearer or Committee Member shall at the time of tendering resignation, hand over to the Club all Club documents, funds, papers or other property belonging to it.


a) Should any Member or Permit Holder witness or obtain information regarding illegal fishing or breach of Club Rules, or wish to record any complaint concerning the conduct of another Member or Permit Holder, such incident should be reported immediately to a Member of Committee, and should be reported in writing to the Honorary Secretary at the earliest opportunity.

b) If the conduct of any member or Permit Holder shall, in the opinion of the Committee, be injurious to the character or interests of the Club, or if there shall be any complaints of dishonest, fraudulent or irregular practices by any member of the Club, either on Club Waters or elsewhere, such matter shall be investigated by the Committee. The Committee shall have authority to summon any Member or Permit Holder to a Meeting, or to demand a written statement from any Member or Permit Holder, in connection with such investigation. Any Member under investigation shall, on demand, hand over to the Club all funds, papers, equipment or other property belonging to the Club, pending the outcome of such investigation, and prior to the consideration of any appeal. Any member or permit holder considered to be guilty of any conduct detrimental to the interests of the Club shall be subject to such disciplinary measures as the Committee shall deem appropriate, and shall be issued with a Notice of Disciplinary Action by the Honorary Secretary immediately after the decision of the Committee

c) Any member or permit holder who has been disciplined in accordance with these rules has the right of appeal and to appear in person to be heard at the next meeting of the Committee. Notice of such appeal must be sent by registered or recorded letter post to the Hon. Secretary within 7 days of the receipt of the notice of his/her disciplinary Action. On receipt of a notice of appeal as aforesaid, the Hon. Secretary shall within one month call a further meeting of Committee at which the disciplined member may attend and offer an explanation. The Hon. Secretary will notify the disciplined member of the date, time and place of the Committee meeting being held to consider his/her appeal. The Committee’s decision of the appeal will be final and notice of such final decision will be sent in writing to the person concerned.

d) Any person who has been expelled, and the expulsion affirmed on appeal, shall forfeit all claims upon the Club and if he/she was an Office-bearer, shall forthwith return or hand back to the Club all funds, papers, documents or other property belonging to it.


The Club and all funds and property belonging to it shall be vested in such Trustees (not exceeding 7 in number) or such Trustee Company, as maybe decided upon at either an Annual General Meeting or an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose. Thereafter each Trustee or such Trustee Company so appointed shall execute a proper Deed of Trust, to be prepared by the Club’s Solicitors.


The Club shall be wound up only at an Extraordinary General Meeting called for that purpose, and upon such terms as may be decided upon at such meeting.


The number of Club members shall be limited to such number (exclusive of Hon. members) as the Club may decide upon at an Annual General meeting. A ladies section shall be created within the general membership.


The Committee shall have power to confer honorary membership on any person they may decide upon. On attaining 65 years of age, and having paid full fees for the previous 7 years, a person shall automatically become an honorary member.


All Bailiffs shall be under the jurisdiction of the Committee and shall comply with all rules and regulations laid down by the Committee which may direct the keeping of records or such other information as it may deem advisable.


Sunday angling, restricted to fly fishing, is permitted from the metal footbridge at the weir below the old Thor site at Muckamore, downstream to the mouth of the river at the Lough Shore. No permits or day tickets are available on Sundays for this section.

Sunday Fishing is also available on Potterswall Dam.

No Sunday fishing is permitted on any other Club Waters.


a) All Anglers shall abide by the provisions of the Fisheries Act (Northern Ireland) as applicable to designated game fisheries.

b) Anglers are encouraged to observe the principles of the Game Angling Code published by the Salmon and Trout Association.

c) Any incidence of pollution, illegal fishing, or breach of Club Rules should be reported immediately to a Club official at the earliest opportunity.

d) Vehicles should be parked only when the landowner is agreeable - and then only in such a position so as not to cause any obstruction or inconvenience to any person.

e) It is forbidden to break fences, stiles or property, walk through crops, (including hay), light fires, or to leave litter on the banks of adjoining lands, or to do or to cause anything which may be or become a nuisance or annoyance to any landowner. Gates should be left as found unless otherwise instructed by a person with authority. If any stile, fence or bridge is damaged please report it to a committee member.

f) No angler shall be accompanied by a dog on any farmland where farm animals maybe present.

g) Anglers shall co-operate with Club Bailiffs at all times.

h) Members shall carry their membership Card and shall produce it on demand of any bailiff, constabulary officer or member of the Club.

i) Any fish killed on the river must measure between 12” and 18” from the tip of the nose to the fork of the tail. Any fish killed at Potterswall reservoir must measure at least 12” from the tip of the nose to the fork of the tail. Undersized fish should be carefully returned to the water, and in doing so the hand should be wet and the hook gently disengaged. Catch and release is always recommended.

j) Anglers using spinning tackle or bait must give way to another using fly.

k) There is a daily bag limit of 1 fish per day on all club waters.

l) Bait fishing and Spinning is prohibited from 1st March to 31st August (both days inclusive).

m) Fishing is prohibited 30 yards below and 10 yards above all weirs on the Six Mile Water controlled by the Club.

n) The use of shrimps or prawns as bait is banned on Club waters.

o) Disabled anglers who are confined to a wheelchair are allowed free fishing on all waters controlled by the Club.

p) Fishing of Potterswall reservoir is confined to fly fishing only from the bank of the reservoir. No methods of buoyancy aid are to be employed.

q) Potterswall reservoir is open for fishing during the game angling season for Association members and day permit holders, and will remain open all year for the use of Association members only.

r) The minimum size of bait hook permitted on Association waters is a size 2 long shank on a floated line.

s) Only barbless hooks or hooks with the barbs flattened may be used on the Six Mile Water.

t) The discarding of litter will not be tolerated. Club members doing so will be expelled from the club. Day ticket and yearly permit holders will have their permits revoked and a record kept so that they can no longer obtain permits.

u) No salmon shall be killed on the Six Mile Water, all salmon caught is strictly catch and release.

v) It is every club member's duty to be aware of the proper procedure for catch and release.

w) All members must adhere to The Clubs code of conduct as follows: 


  1. Committee members agree to represent the best interests of the club at all times and not represent any other interest/matter that may be contrary to the best interests of the sport of angling. All committee members agree to act in a manor of honesty and integrity at all times.

  2. Abide by all resolutions democratically agreed by the committee. Every elected member agrees to act for the benefit of The Club. The member agrees to use his vote in a manner that they deem is in the best interest of The Club.

  3. Outside of committee meetings the member will abide by any motion or decision that has been properly discussed and voted on in committee even if they were not in agreement of the decision. All members will be able to have a frank and meaningful discussion during the meeting, but once the democratic decision has been made the topic or motion cannot be raised again unless circumstances deem the decision was not in the best interest of The Club. This does not exclude the member discussing or sharing their opinion or preference.

  4. No member can publicise any matter in the name of The Club unless that member has been nominated the spokesman for The Club. This should not prevent a member from expressing their own views at private meetings, but they must make it totally clear that these are personal views and will not necessarily be adopted by the committee.

  5. a)Members of the committee must agree to accept and comply with this Code of Conduct in its entirety with no exceptions or amendments. b) If a member feels at any time that they cannot comply or agree with this Code of Conduct they should consult with the chairman in confidence in an attempt to resolve the problem. c). If no favourable result is concluded then the member must stand down from the committee. 


  1. Club members and season members, from here on in this document known as members, are persons that have given the requested personal details and financial costs as necessary to the Club.

  2.  Members will promote the highest standards of sportsmanship, fair play, see that the spirit of angling is upheld and be mindful of the Constitution and Objectives of The Club.

  3. Members will only fish in a manner that is fair and lawful. They must not bring the club into disrepute, verbally or digitally.

  4. Members will be brought before committee if they allow their standard of behaviour to fall below accepted standards as in abusive, threatening and obscene behaviour and/or language. This includes all online forums such as facebook, public notice blogs, instagram and twitter. Harassment and online critique of other club members in regards to matters associated with angling and the club will no longer be tolerated. If a member has a grievance against a fellow club member in regards to club membership, angling or anything deemed to be in the best interests of the club, due care and procedure should be adhered to. The committee will investigated any and all complaints seriously. A written complaints form is available on request. The making of or inference of pubic allegations against another member deemed to be of a harassing nature by the committee will result in your membership being withdrawn. A complaints procedure is in place and is available for all club members to have a fair hearing. At all times you are agreeing to see and speak the best of each club member. By hold membership you are agreeing to adhere to these codes of conduct at all times.

    The committee has full and final say on these matters.

  5. A) Members are obliged to respect the rights, privacy and solitude of other anglers. Members are encouraged and suggested to rotate pools and leave enough space between each angler. We recommend 4 rod lengths downstream and 3 rod lengths upstream. Please make other anglers aware you are nearby. Please do not pass comment on their lights, fishing style, lines or flies. Do not make pass remarkable comments that could be considered offensive.
    B). Be aware of anglers fishing opposite banks. Members have no fishing rights beyond half way when the opposite bank is occupied.

  6. Members must fish and conduct themselves in a manner that causes no offence and avoid disturbance of other anglers, water users, members of the public or nearby homes. Noise levels, either verbal or otherwise and movement must be kept to a minimum. 

  7. It is the responsibility of all club members to read and familiarise themselves with the constitution, rules and codes of conduct of Antrim & District Angling Association. Ignorance will be no defence. Remember the rules, like the club, are always evolving and amendments will be added to the rules section on the clubs web site

  8. Members that cannot accept and agree to abide by the rules and codes of conduct should stand down from The Club.

  9. Members must always remove all rubbish and used tackle from river banks. Failure to do so will result in instant removal of membership.


a) In all competitions a Captain and two Judges shall be appointed by the competitions Secretary or assistant before the commencement of the Competition.

b) The Captain shall clearly state the time and place of judging before the commencement of any Competition.

c) Competition rules shall be read or handed out to Competitors prior to the commencement of all Competitions. Late arrivals shall be deemed to have full knowledge of such rules.

d) Competitions shall commence at a signal from the Captain, and shall finish likewise or at such time and place as shall be announced by the Captain before the commencement. No Competitor shall assemble his/her rod before receiving the starting signal, on penalty of disqualification, and any competitor arriving late for the judging shall be disregarded. Any competitor arriving after a Competition has commenced shall contact the Captain or a Judge before assembling his/her rod or commencing to fish.

e) Competitors may only use one rod in any Competition.

f) Competitors must catch and land their own fish. Any competitor unable to do so through physical disabilities shall have the option of asking assistance from a fellow Competitor, same to be reported to the Captain at time of judging. The penalty for breach of this rule is disqualification.

g) No Competitor shall interfere with the sport of another. After due warning, should he/she persist, he/she shall be disqualified.

h) In competitions each competitor will be expected to observe any infringement of rules and report such infringement to the Captain without delay.

i) Weigh-in shall take place on the River Bank or at such place as shall be announced before the commencement of the Competition. All fish shall be displayed and shall remain until the Competition is decided.

j) Competitions shall be decided by count; in the case of a tie or ties, by weight.

k) No competitor shall be eligible for more than one of the club’s prizes at any individual competition.

l) The decision of the Captain of the day and Judges shall be given at the time of judging and shall be final and binding in all competitions.

m) All Competitors are subject to these rules and any further rules or conditions that the Committee may from time to time decide upon.


a) All cups are the property of the Club and Winners shall, upon receiving a Cup, sign an undertaking to be responsible for the safe custody thereof and for the safe return in good condition within such time as the Committee may stipulate in the undertaking.

b) Cups shall be presented to the Winners at such time and place upon such conditions as the Committee shall decide upon.

c) In the event of a tie or ties the cups shall be held jointly.

d) The “Association Cup” shall be fished for annually on a points system (i.e. one trout or salmon to count as one point). The winner to be the person with the largest number of points scored over all Club competitions during the season.

e) The Hill Cup must be fished for with flies only.

Under the provision of 2018 data protection act, any person may request a copy, or be able to see, on payment of a reasonable fee, any and all information held by The Club concerning the said individual. All other personal data is protected and will not be passed or sold to any parties not required by law to it.